Videos of equipments

Our Electrolysis System In Action

Our colloidal silver is made with ultra-pure 99.99% silver (.9999 fine) and pharmaceutical grade distilled water. No other chemicals or substances are added. We produce it by means of “Timed Inverted Current Electrolysis” and both the voltage along with current are precisely regulated. The water is also preheated and precisely maintained at a preset temperature prior and during the entire electrolysis process. This method that we have developed has shown to be more capable in producing the smallest particle of silver while producing a very consistent finished product.
Our water properties are also enhanced throughout the full process by being imprinted with Solfeggio 432Hz holistic healing music utilising two small speakers located inside the cover of the electrolyser.


Our Filtration System...

We use a two stages filtration process to insure the purest and finest colloidal silver possible. First stage consists of filtering the raw solution with a natural unbleached bamboo fiber filter to remove any of the larger particles. Then it is pressure filtered through a submicron filter with pore sizes of only 0.02 microns to ensure that only the smallest of the particles will be present in the solution. This process ensures the achievement of the best possible quality of colloidal silver.


Our Bottling Process...

Here is our rinsing and semi-automatic bottle filling equipment.
Each bottle is rinsed with a jet of purified water. The water is not recycled to eliminate any risk of contamination.