Foods That Speed Up Aging While Promoting Sickness

Foods That Speed Up Aging While Promoting Sickness

Paul Fassa – Eating what’s quick, convenient, and tasty may fit your lifestyle for now, but you may be subjecting yourself to progressively worsening health. If you don’t shift to a healthier diet, someday sooner rather than later you’ll be a young person in an old person’s body, wondering what happened. Below are 8 foods you should avoid to age gracefully and avoid sickness.

Avoid These 8 Food-Like Substances

1. Despite FDA press releases announcing its ban of trans fatstrans-fatty processed hydrogenated oils are still ubiquitous. Don’t use them for cooking or salad dressings. They’re less expensive, but they’ve been processed only for creating a longer shelf life while shortening your time with a healthy life.

A similar tip: choose butter over margarine. You’d might as well use molten plastic because plastic and margarine have molecular similarities. Real butter is better. Use only cold pressed oils, but refuse any version of Canola oil.

2. Speaking of fats, ignore the low or no fat food choices. The theory that ‘whole’ fats and cholesterol create obesity and heart problems is bogus. Don’t fall for the cholesterol myth.

The Swedish Council on Health Technology has officially abandoned this theory, which has seen cardiac and obesity issues increase while consumers frantically avoid healthy fats. Increased sugar and HFCS are at the root of issues saturated fats have been blamed for.

3. Some consider refined sugar or sucrose poison. It creates blood sugar spikes that ultimately affect you insulin response, leading to obesity and diabetes. It creates an oxidation process that, ironically, creates AGEs, or advanced glycation end-products or glycotoxins, which are diverse oxidant compounds that help create several chronic diseases.

Minimize your sucrose intake

Instead of consuming highly refined sugar products such as fizzy drinks, you can try alternatives such as carbonated water. There are many carbonated water benefits such as improving digestion, reducing the risk of cavities, and much more.

4. Artificial sweeteners are worse than sucrose. Ignore the aspartame and diet soda trap, too. You should actually avoid all sodas, including diet soda. Aspartame is a neuron excitoxin that can excite brain cells to death, putting you in the fast lane to dementia or even brain cancer.

5. You should also shun high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). You can avoid this substance greatly by avoiding sodas and even off the shelf fruit juices that aren’t low calorie or artificially sweetened. But that’s not enough. Pastries, cookies, and candies usually contain HFCS, but often dodge the issue by using the label “corn syrup”.

Natural fructose in fruit is metabolized slowly due to other components of whole fruits. Concentrated HFCS used in processed foods and beverages isn’t rapidly metabolized into energy like glucose. Half of it gets trapped as fat in the liver, contributing to obesity, fatty liver, diabetes 2, or cancer.

6. Wheat is getting a bad rep because it’s a source of digestive problems for many, but a Canadian study determined that many gluten sensitive folks experienced little issues with real sourdough based breads. The same could be said of sprouted grain breads as well as other whole grain choices. Simply avoid all refined wheat or grain products.

7. Soy is another controversial food. While many individuals think soy is perfectly OK, research does show how soy creates digestive problems and induces estrogen hormonal imbalances. Oriental diets use soy sparingly. Don’t bother with soy anything unless it’s fermented, the way tempeh and fermented soy sauces are.

8. Processed or refined salt has a given all salt a bad rap. But unrefined sea salt is actually a health food! Some salts sold as sea salt are bogus because they are refined. They get away with this because technically all salt is originally from the sea.

Unrefined sea salt containing vital nutrients without toxic residues from processing is generally courser and not as white as refined salt. Find a salt you’re certain is the real thing and take it with you because restaurants don’t serve real salt.

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